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Shorewood Real Estate Group LLC offers Opportunity Zone Funds that allow you to make purposeful investments in underserved communities while reaping significant tax benefits.

Created by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Opportunity Zones incentivize long-term private investment in designated socioeconomically disadvantaged communities throughout the U.S. This bipartisan legislation is considered once-in-a-generation for its potential to positively transform neighborhoods across the country. And unlike previous efforts to revitalize communities with government-injected funds, Opportunity Zones allow investors to choose areas that fit their philanthropic instincts without sacrificing profitability. You can do good and do well.

  • Tax Deferment: Defer your capital gains tax until 2026

  • Tax Reduction: Reduce your tax obligation by up to 15%

  • Tax Forgiveness: Hold your investment for 10 years and pay no capital gains on Opportunity Zone profits


Introducing Jamaica, Queens:
Located at 160-05 Archer Avenue, our first Opportunity Zone is a 320,000
square foot development site in downtown Jamaica, Queens. Shorewood Real Estate Group is developing more than 300 rental apartments, ground floor retail and parking on the site. Contact us now to be a part of this project.

Discover how to invest in our Opportunity Zone Funds.


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Tax Reduction: Reduce your tax obligation by up to 15%!